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Official Saeta Haiti National Team Soccer Jersey


This is Official Saeta Haiti National Soccer Team Jersey (fan version). It features blue and red colors: tribute to the colors of the country’s flag.



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Official Saeta Haiti National Team Soccer Jersey 2016

Chest shield features the symbol of the Haitian Football Federation. It also displays “L’ Union Fait La Force”: Unity is strength. It represents the team work necessary to win.

There is an emboss designed relief inspired by Haitian Coat of Arms.

Back of the jerseys displays popular Haitian expression “Grenadye Alaso”. This Championship, Copa America, will be a battle field (Grenadiers to the Battle).

The Haitian Football Federation (FHF) (French: Fédération Haïtienne de Football) is the governing body of association football in Haiti. The FHF is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the game of football in Haiti, both professional and amateur. A member of CONCACAF since 1961, FHF is in charge of football in Haiti and all lower categories. The principal sporting field is the Sylvio Cator stadium in Port-au-Prince. It is a founding member of the CONCACAF.

The coat of arms of Haiti was originally introduced in 1807, and has appeared in its current form since 1986.

It shows six draped flags of the country, three on each side, which are located before a palm tree and cannons on a green lawn. On the lawn various items are found, such as a drum, bugles, long guns, and ship anchors. Above the palm tree, there is a Phrygian cap placed as a symbol of freedom. On the lawn between the drum and the ribbon there were supposed to be two pieces of chain with a broken link symbolizing the broken chain of slavery

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